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OPTI Ican Grepp V Primer (5 litres)

OPTI Ican Grepp V Primer (5 litres)



IcanPrimer GREPP-V is water borne Acrylic-Alkyd white-pigmented Primer Sealer Stain and flash rusting blocking primer for most interior / exterior surfaces. It has excellent adhesion to most new or previously painted surfaces. It is an ideal product for those who want alkyd based quality in a water borne primer. It is fast drying and can be tinted to various colours. Ican GREPP-V Can be over painted with acrylic / alkyd based paint. EU VOC limit for this product is (Cat A/i): 140g/ltr (2007)/140g/ltr (2010). This product contains Max.40g/litre VOC measured at 250ºC.

  • Additional Information

    Environmental Protection
    The product is not classified as dangerous for the environment. The product should not be allowed to enter drains or water courses. Dispose in accordance with regulations from local authorities.

    Not expected to cause any adverse health effects when used as intended. Avoid skin and eye contact. Avoid the inhalation of dust, particulates and spraymist arising from the application of this preparation. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.


  • Usage and Application

    Area of Use
    Interior and exterior Walls, ceilings, roof tiles, wooden and metal surfaces Substrates Wood, metal, plaster, gypsum board, hardboard, tiles, glass, walls, bricks, Lead, PVC, concrete, fibreglass, wallpaper, Formica etc.
    Surface must be clean, dry and free of dirt, scaling paint, loose wallpaper or any type of grease or wax. Loose, weathered wood fibres must be removed before painting. Glossy surfaces should be abraded with a fine sanding paper. Fill cracks and holes with suitable filler and sand lightly before coating. Rusty surfaces have only to be wire brushed lightly to remove any scaly matter. Moisture content of wood should not be more than 18% and do not apply in temperatures below +5ºC or in humidity above 80%. Application to be carried out in accordance with BS 6250.

    Apply primer undiluted in thin layers. At low temperatures and high humidity the drying-time will be longer. Never paint on surfaces which are warm or in direct sunlight. Heat makes solvent evaporate much quicker which reduces the possibilities of achieving good adhesion.

    Technical Information

    • Sheen level: 3 matt
    • Solvent/Cleaning of tools: water
    • Coverage: 5-7m2/litre
    • Solid content: 34% of volume
    • Colour: White
    • Resin: Acrylic-Alkyd.
    • Application: Brush, roller or spray
    • Density: 1.31 kg/litre.
    • Viscosity: 170-190 cP
    • Washability: not applicable.
    • Recoating time: 4-6 hours
    • Drying time: touch dry 1-2 hours, totally dry 12 hours (At 20ºC and max 85% humidity)
    • Shelf life: Max 2 yrs in dry, frost-free conditions
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