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Safety matters.  Residents and properties deserve the best protection available. Our fire safety systems are classified A2 and B1 which means they offer outstanding levels of safeguarding.  The unique Wallguard System protects walls and ceilings from the spread of flame. The coatings will not contribute to the release of toxic black smoke or flaming droplets, essential when considering the surface decoration of escape routes in particular within high rise buildings. To protect lives choose the Wallguard System because in the event of fire - every second counts!

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Glass Fabrics for the Ultimate in Surface Protection



The Wallguard System combines SYSTEXX glass fabrics with high quality OPTI paint in your choice of colour and finish delivering the ultimate in stylish fire safe decor.
With their combination of aesthetics and functionality, our SYSTEXX products are suitable for an exceptionally wide range of applications. The sophisticated wall and ceiling coverings made of woven glass stand for both innovation and design diversity. Providing outstanding fire safety credentials the Systexx range protects, strengthens and delivers real peace of mind.

Fire Protection: Our Products
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Clean air is essential for our health. However, particularly when renovating or refurbishing rooms, many materials emit hazardous substances that can damage your health. Breathing in even small amounts of these substances can reduce your ability to concentrate and trigger headaches or nausea. Formaldehyde is a very common indoor air pollutant. Many everyday materials release this gas into the air. Be it new furniture, especially when made of wood composite or plywood, carpets, paints or adhesives – formaldehyde is often emitted over a long time and degrades only slowly.

Active Absorb provides effective help by permanently binding formaldehyde contained in indoor air. It makes indoor air much cleaner and healthier than when standard wall coverings are used – this active coating boosts the well-being of us all. 

Every single fiber of the Absorb wall covering is coated with a special finish that filters formaldehyde from the air and binds it effectively. Laboratory tests have scientifically proven that SYSTEXX Active Absorb can reduce the concentration of formaldehyde in the air by up to 65% – even as the pollutant is continuously released into the air. The wall covering can absorb high levels of formaldehyde across its entire life cycle. Compared to other wall coverings, it helps create a significantly cleaner and healthier indoor climate. That’s good for the well-being of the people living in these spaces.

Major application areas are nurseries, schools and offices, but Absorb is also suitable for use at home, e.g. in children’s bedrooms or living rooms.

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