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Anti-Graffiti Coating (5 litres)

Anti-Graffiti Coating (5 litres)



Pegagraff® Hydro is a clear, satin gloss, two-component waterborne polyurethane acrylic lacquer.


a) Colourless anti-graffiti protection of many substrates (see list on page 2).
b) Colourless varnish giving very good protection for floors, walls and interior surfaces.


Painted substrates
In principle, direct application on ALL painted substrates is allowed, with exception of elastomeric coatings, i.e. Murfill. A test surface has to be realised beforehand for heat curing paints and for powder coatings.
Not painted or untreated substrates
Only on reinforced concrete (remaining humidity level < 4 %), Pegagraff Hydro can be applied directly.
Not recommended substrates
a) Do not apply Pegagraff Hydro on a mineral painted substrate where the relative humidity is higher than 6%. This concerns bricks, terra-cotta tiles, renderings, etc. In this case, a white film could be formed and more or less important adhesion loss will appear.
b) Do not apply Pegagraff Hydro directly on not painted metal substrates such as aluminium, steel, zinc, stainless steel, cupper,etc.
c) Do not apply Pegagraff Hydro directly on bare wood for exterior applications.
d) Do not apply Pegagraff Hydro directly on rough surfaces such as plaster, rough brickwork (masonry), etc.


  • Minimum Order Quantity

    Minimum order 150 litres

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